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The Field with JJ & Danger

Josh Jenkins and Patrick Dangerfield are mates, team mates and now co-hosts of a brand-new bevy of sport podcasts.

THE FIELD will offer listeners various editions which will drop seasonally, beginning with Josh’s favourite sport - NFL.

“The Field NFL” hosted exclusively by JJ will feature weekly episodes throughout the NFL season with guests, tips, picks, Fantasy Football advice and all things news around the National Football League.


Following the siren of the 2021 AFL Season the team will then kick off episodes of “The Field with JJ & Danger.”


Together the boys will take a unique look at the world of sport through the eyes of two self-confessed outspoken athletes who love discussing and debating topical AFL events as well as some of the things that happen behind
the curtains around the sporting world. 


From international cricket to the NRL, from Formula 1 racing to European soccer as well as their very own code, the AFL - this duo has their finger on the sporting pulse and are not afraid to tell it like it is.

Come along for the ride via The Field's social channels and keep an eye out for new podcast episodes wherever you consume your favourite podcasts.

So what are you waiting for!?


sink your boots into...the field!

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