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Bye Bye Cam

Cam Newton

(Photo: AP Photo/Noah K.Murray

Welcome to the world of podcasting…

Whilst we awaited approval from the respective podcast platforms, news broke that New England had sensationally released QB Cam Newton. An incredibly surprising outcome, even with opinions trending towards rookie Mac Jones beginning to win the starting job.

There are a few factors at play which may have contributed to Newton’s release which are less about his on-field ability and more about a few things on the periphery.

Newton’s vaccination status is unknown - which is something which will continue to hound those who choose the path of anti-vax - and many are saying this most recent COVID drama was the last straw for Newton in New England.

It’s certainly more than just Jones winning the job and Newton being excess to their needs at the position. Mac Jones is the lone remaining QB on the Patriots. There will be a few nervous men on the Pats current 53-man roster because not even Belichick would have the courage to begin the season with a rookie QB as the lone play-caller.

From Newton’s point of view, perhaps getting out of sight for one or two months is the best course of action. The sight of him holding a clip board for a rookie would not send positive vibes about his status as a continuing starting quarterback.

Go away, work on his game behind the scenes and await an opportunity when another starting QB goes down.

Could the Colts come knocking with persistent issues around Carson Wentz?

Lamar Jackson has had a couple of bouts of COVID and Newton was Lamar before Lamar so that could be a fit.

News of Cam’s release was stunning but not completely shocking. The Belichick-Newton combo was always somewhat confusing. A conservative, gritty, hard-nosed head coach mixed with an outspoken, flamboyant former MVP QB.

There’s basically no blowback coming Belichick’s way on this one. Releasing the wounded veteran to give the rook the keys to the team is a fan-friendly decision - not that Hoody Bill ever cares about that.

Mac is a Belichick guy. Reliable, poised, calm, softly spoken and will not make many mistakes - relatively speaking for a QB in his freshman season.

Cam’s future is less than clear.

You can mount a case that he’s a better QB than what Denver, Houston, Philadelphia or Washington - and even those are arguable. Where he ends up is anybody’s guess. It’s not actually that farfetched to think we may never see Newton start at QB again in the NFL.

Only time will tell.

And - Mr. Belichick, the next time you want to release a former NFL MVP can you please be more considerate to when we are dropping the next episode of THE FIELD - NFL...


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