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(Late) Week Sixteen Picks

Sorry Santa for I have forgotten my picks... but here are the remainder of them.

TEN/SF, GB/CLE, ARI/IND are the three matches I did not pick. Here are the remainder for week sixteen.

LIONS 23, FALCONS 22 - Done with the Falcons. And I used to really like them.

BENGALS 28, RAVENS 23 - No Lamar and No Huntley... major advantage Cincy.

RAMS 30, VIKINGS 28 - Could be the game of the week with plenty on the line.

BILLS 24, PATRIOTS 22 - The re-match comes quick and I like Buffalo to respond. JETS 24, JAGUARS 20 - Jets showing some life, Jags have none.

EAGLES 27, GIANTS 20 - Sneaky underrated Eagles/Hurts.

BUCCANEERS 24, PANTHERS 17 - Tampa loses Lenny, Evans, Godwin but should still roll along.

CHARGERS 30, TEXANS 17 - Herbie and the Bolts keep charging towards the playoffs.

SEAHAWKS 23, BEARS 14 - A real 'nothin' game.

CHIEFS 31, STEELERS 22 - KC should get past another AFC foe.

BRONCOS 21, RAIDERS 20 - It's been a real big year in Vegas - mostly all bad.

COWBOYS 28, WASHINGTON 23 - NFC East champion Cowboys...

DOLPHINS 24, SAINTS 21 - An ugly one for MNF.

LAST WEEK: 10/16 THIS SEASON: 133/220

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