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NFL 3-word summary...

All 32 teams have drafted. Every franchise will now strongly argue the playoffs are a minimum expectation and maybe even with a little luck a Super Bowl may be on the horizon.

However - we all know some teams are built to contend and some will head for - or remain in - the doghouse.

Here is The Field's three-word summation on all 32 teams as the focus shifts toward training camp and pre-season football.

BILLS - Someone help Josh
DOLPHINS - Can Tua play ?
PATS - What’s Mac’s ceiling ?
JETS - Firepower in green
RAVENS - Are they good ?
BENGALS - Maintain the rage
BROWNS - Who really knows
STEELERS - A new era
TEXANS - The bare bones
COLTS - All systems go
JAGS - Bye Bye Urban
TITANS - Roll Rhino Roll
BRONCOS - Help Russ cook
CHIEFS - Who replaces Cheetah ?
VEGAS - Derek to DaVante
CHARGERS - Time to win
COWBOYS - What’s up, Dak ?
GIANTS - Danny got dimes ?
EAGLES - Jordan protecting Jalen
COMMANDERS - Who's really quarterbacking ?
BEARS - Could get grim
LIONS - Keep biting kneecaps
PACK - Who’s catching passes ?
VIKINGS - Kevin uplift Kirk
FALCONS - At ground zero
PANTHERS - We trading Christian ?
SAINTS - Offence to defence
BUCCANEERS - The last dance
CARDINALS - Keep Kyler content
RAMS - The Repeat Rams
NINERS - Trey or Jimmy ?
SEAHAWKS - Could get ugly.

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