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Week Eleven NFL Picks

Last week was UGLY!

Patriots 24, Falcons 21 - Falcons are in free-fall one week then look OK the next.

Cleveland 24, Lions 14 - Brownies would not wanna lose this one...

Niners 30, Jaguars 23 - As above. Niners - coming off a great win - need to capitalise.

Bills 28, Colts 20 - Indy could hang about but J Allen will keep rolling.

Dolphins 24, Jets 17 - Let's hope this one is not televised here in Oz.

Washington 23, Panthers 20 - The Cam hype train is way way out of control. His old coach could upset.

Ravens 24, Bears 18 - The Ravens have been spluttering lately and the Bears improved.

Eagles 23, Saints 22 - Hurts looks to be their man and he should get past Trevor Sim.

Tennessee 27, Texans 13 - Could the bubble burst without Derrick? Not this week.

Packers 28, Vikings 24 - I like the Vikes to hang around but Aaron, AJ and DVA will reign.

Bengals 33, Raiders 28 - Cincinnati needs to stop a slide. A bye should've given them the chance to get right.

Cardinals 30, Seahawks 28 - Kyler return? D-Hop return? IF so, Arizona win. IF not, Seattle win.

Kansas City 28, Dallas 27 - I was close to picking Dallas to win, but 400 $ 5 from Mahomes kept me with KC. Chargers 28, Steelers 21 - Big Ben may or may not be back but I doubt it makes a big difference.

Buccaneers 24, Giants 14 - Surely these Bucs get their minds right and thump NYG.



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