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NFL Week One Picks

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Week one is here.

Let's go.

Buccaneers 33, Dallas 24 - Too much playmaking in Tampa Bay and not enough defence from Big D.

Bills 23, Steelers 17 - Allen has a huge arm... and dangerous legs - outruns Steelers.

Panthers 24, Jets 20 - Sam looks shaky at times but ultimately gets revenge on Gang Green.

Jaguars 22, Texans 20 - Can smell upset but Texans are a mess all over the place.

Tennessee 35, Cardinals 28 - Two defences which need work could equal a shootout.

Falcons 30, Eagles 24 - Julio is gone but Arthur Smith arrives, as does TE phenom Kyle Pitts.

Chargers 24, Washington 21 - LA lost all of these close games last season. This will be interesting? Niners 30, Lions 21 - Goff is no fool but we are all treating him as such. Upset? Seahawks 24, Colts 23 - Indy's D line could wreck this game but Russ should find a way.

Vikings 26, Bengals 23 - Great upset hope for Cincy, but is Joe ready to rock?

Dolphins 24, Patriots 20 - Bill will trouble Tua but Flores may trouble Mac even more. The 'Fins are better overall.

Chiefs 31, Browns 24 - Brownies go in as underdogs but they'll fancy themselves. Myles Garrett the key.

Giants 21, Broncos 17 - A less than sexy clash could go either way but Saquon should reign.

Packers 30, Saints 20 - Drew retired and Aaron - eventually - returned. Pack win.

Rams 30, Bears 17 - Dalton gets pancaked by No. 99 and the Bears fans scream 'Fields'.

Bills 23, Steelers 17 - Allen has a huge arm... and dangerous legs - outruns Steelers pass rush. pass rush pass rus pass ru pass r pass pass pas pa p s.

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