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Super Bowl Best Bets...

Our friends at Sportsbet have more than 300 markets available for the big game between my Cincinnati Bengals and the home town Los Angeles Rams.

For a more in-depth game preview, click here for my game preview but here is where we will be looking to make a quid on the big game.

These are the serious - and not so serious - markets I'll be stepping into...


Tyler Boyd +39.5 receiving yards ($1.88) - Boyd can be the quick hit, inside receiving option to slow down the Rams pass rush. He should also receive added opportunity with Jalen Ramsey guarding Ja'Marr Chase.

Tyler Boyd 60+ receiving yards ($2.88) - Boyd has the capability of taking a single pass more than 60-yards. Although unlikely, I like the value here should he be a focus of Burrow.

Ja"Marr Chase +3.5 rushing yards ($1.80) - Like Deebo Samuel, we've seen the Bengals offensive coaches trying to get Chase involved in a variety of ways. Such is his explosiveness with the ball, expect to see them give him a carry or two in the run game. If he gets 2-3 runs, then the 3.5 yard mark is a gimme.

Cooper Kupp most receiving yards of game ($1.83) - I mean, Kupp has only amassed north of 2,000 receiving yards on the season. Sure, Chase and Odell Beckham Jr are threats but on what we've seen all season long, Kupp is almost a monty for this one.


Bengals alternate handicap -2.5 points ($2.81) - This one seems strange but let me explain.

Since 1991 we've not seen a Super Bowl decided by inside a field goal. We all know I'm with the Bengals so I'm playing on the side of history and hoping if they can win, they'll also win by more than the FG.

1st Quarter -10.5 points ($1.88) - These two teams are mediocre beginners. Combined, they average 8.3 points between them in opening stanzas. On that alone, we're getting 1.5 points of value so therefore I'll break my golden rule and take the under points.

Rams -0.5 1st Quarter handicap ($2.07) - Having said that, I do like the Rams to skip to an early lead. Stafford, Kupp and McVay will have something in store for this Bengal D. Couple that with the Rams' fresh pass rush and I expect LA to jump to an early lead - before a mighty Bengals comeback!


Joe Burrow 1st TD ($41)

Burrow is slippery. He's agile, will be sniffing out this Rams pass rush and at the enormous odds, I'll be having something on him for 1st TD. Unlikely, sure, but if this one salutes we'll be guaranteed a profit.

Enjoy Super Bowl LVI and always GAMBE RESPONSIBLY.

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