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Super Bowl LVII picks

Travis Kelce has been huge in his Super Bowl appearances

Super Bowl excitement levels have reached fever pitch - and rightly so.

No. 1 seeded AFC champs Kansas City meets No. 1 seeded NFC champs Philadelphia. A battle between two young black quarterbacks, the first time we've seen two African-American quarterbacks starting in the sport's biggest game.

It's the Andy Reid Bowl, the champion KC coach facing his old squad.

It's the Kelce Bowl, where brothers - Jason and Travis - will clash for the first time ever in Super Bowl history.

It's also an O live v D line classic. Philly's No. 1 dominant D line against the staunch Chiefs O line. The immoveable object versus the unstoppable force.

It's also ankle Bowl... make no mistake, Patrick Mahomes will still be feeling the affects of his ailing ankle. He will have done more damage to that high ankle sprain in the AFC Championship game. It's a big watch.

We've picked the game all season long. So why not pick one more!?!


I'll be catching the game live from The Albion Hotel in South Melbourne. Come down and enjoy the game + a heap of extras.

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