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Top 10 Fantasy Football Prospects

Could Justin Jefferson become the No. 1 WR in Fantasy Football.

Fantasy Football is as prevalent inside workplaces as the morning hot strong skinny latte.

Aussies are sick for Fantasy Football.

I've been playing in various leagues for around 10 years, with differing levels of success. I sold the farm in a dynasty league many years ago and lost a semi on Aaron Rodgers kneel-downs.

I also knocked off my old mate Tommy Lynch - the highlight of my sporting career!

With the season-opener inside two months away (Bills @ Rams, September 9), it's time to throw up a list of the Top 10 NFL prospects in the Fantasy Football world.

1/ Justin JEFFERSON (Minnesota) - 1400 yards as a rook, 1616 as a sophomore, now with an offensive coach at HS, could he go north of 1750m ?

2/ Najee HARRIS (Pittsburgh) - Usage is key in FF and Harris will get as many carries as he can cope with as well as plenty of short-yardage receptions.

3/ Travis KELCE (Kansas City) - With Tyreek gone, all attention will certainly be centred around Kelce but he's too elusive for 'backers and too big for defensive backs.

4/ Jonathan TAYLOR (Indianapolis) - Exploded into prominence last season and with more consistent quarterback play from Matt Ryan (TBC), Taylor may see less defenders in the box.

5/ Cooper KUPP (Los Angeles Rams) - The encore cannot be possible as incredible as the original but it's actually hard to see Kupp not being an absolute Fantasy beast again in 2022/23.

6/ Aaron JONES (Green Bay) - At times I expected AJ Dillon to take over from Jones as the lead back in GB and even if that rings true, No. 33 could become an every-down receiving back. I think there's a really strong chance Jones leads all backs in receptions.

7/ Derrick HENRY (Tennessee) - Usage and the ability to carry the load is nothing new to King Henry. With Julio and AJ Brown gone, Henry will get a million carries but will also see a million defenders.

8/ Dalvin COOK (Minnesota) - I'm high on the potential of this new Vikings offensive system. Kirk Cousins is never gonna lead them to a 'chip, but FF is not about rings, it's about yards and touchdowns and this offence can produce both. Cook will be a factor in the passing and rushing game - he just needs to remain healthy.

9/ Nick CHUBB (Cleveland) - With Deshaun Watson under centre, Chubb will see reduced defenders in the box and good things will follow. Without Deshaun, Chubb will see more defenders but get limitless touches of the rock.

10/ All Denver's weapons... Javonte WILLIAMS, Melvin GORDON, Jerry JEUDY and Courtland SUTTON.

Williams and Jeudy are the pair who could explode with Russell Wilson in town but Sutton has potential to be a WR2/3 on your squad and Gordon remains a sneaky plug & play option.

- Think twice before you press 'draft player' -

Christian McCAFFREY (Carolina) - has burned owners too many times with injury woes.

Saquon Barkley - same as CMC, too many injuries and when he's been available his output has been low.

Ja'Marr CHASE (Cincinnati) - shooting bambi here! All I'm saying is everyone will be desperate to pick Chase but Burrow will share the rock around.

Kyle PITTS (Atlanta) - Last season was solid, although touchdowns were nowhere to be found for the rook. Ryan to Mariota is a considerable dip.

Tyreek HILL (Kansas City) - Patrick Mahomes to Tua Tagovailoa is a gigantic fall. Hill will get chances but the production has to slip.

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