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Week Five NFL Picks

Rams 28, Seahawks 23 - Rams bounce back and 'Hawks dip worryingly. Falcons 22, Jets 21 - they're playing this one in London which is handy... we won't have to watch. Packers 28, Bengals 21 - Cincy look excellent with Burrow and Chase but the Pack are back. Vikings 24, Lions 20 - Minnesota's potent offence got squashed at home to Cleveland but they'll rebound.

Steelers 21, Broncos 17 - I'm no fan of either mob but the Steelers will find a way after a torrid week. Buccaneers 28, Dolphins 20 - could there be a let down after an emotional victory in Foxboro?

Washington 23, Saints 22 - my 'dog of the week can upset the stalling Saints.

Panthers 24, Eagles 21 - The Panther defence is staunch and they can pinch one without CMC.

Tennessee 28, Jaguars 23 - is this the last time we'll see Urban Meyer as Jags coach?

Patriots 23, Texans 13 - things are going to get real ugly for these Texans from here on out. Raiders 24, Bears 20 - Carr and co were strong in the second half on MNF and can continue here. Chargers 24, Browns 21 - could've easily picked the other way but I'll keep rolling with Herb.

Cowboys 30, Giants 20 - G Men pinched a handy dub last week but them 'Boys are rolling. Cardinals 27, Niners 23 - Kyler, Hop, AJ and co are sharing the love and doing their thing. Chiefs 26, Bills 23 - Bills are arguably the more rounded unit but at home, KC squeezes past. Ravens 28, Colts 23 - Indy just had to win last week and it did but Lamar rolls them here on MNF.


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