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Week Four NFL Picks

Bengals 24, Jaguars 14 - perhaps another messy TNF clash but another Bengals W. Washington 24, Falcons 21 - neither team excites me and neither team are reliable. Lions 24, Bears 23 - Lions have played everyone tough, this could their time. Tennessee 30, Jets 14 - $1.27 is a gift. 27% on your money for watching a thumping. Browns 28, Vikings 25 - Minnesota upset me last week but the Browns are a rounded squad. Dolphins 27, Colts 23 - the Wentz experiment nosedives again as Jacoby gets the 'Fins home. Dallas 28, Carolina 20 - Carolina are real gritty but without CMC they're cooked. Saints 23, Giants 17 - Danny Dimes v Famous Jameis... just give the ball to Kamara and Saquon. KC 30, Eagles 21 - are you worried about KC? I'm not worried. Are you worried? Bills 33, Texans 17 - Bills go from one dumpster-mess to another. Cardinals 33, Rams 31 - upset alert. For no other reason than the NFL is weird like this. Niners 28, Seahawks 24 - these Seahawks are in real strife the way their defence looks. Ravens 22, Broncos 20 - Denver have played no one and Lamar will give them an L. Packers 30, Steelers 20 - on paper it's a blockbuster but in reality the Steelers are fading. Buccaneers 33, Patriots 22 - Tommy comes home... and goes HAM on Bill.

Chargers 34, Raiders 28 - time to win these types of games LAC.


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