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Week Thirteen NFL Picks

COWBOYS 30, SAINTS 21 - Taysom steps in, these Cowboys need to step up.

VIKINGS 28, LIONS 17 - Dalvin goes down but all is OK, because the Lions are on the slate.

CARDINALS 34, BEARS 23 - Surely K1 and Hop return... soon.

BUCCANEERS 34, FALCONS 27 - Atlanta often hang around with Tampa but never knock them off.

COLTS 24, TEXANS 14 - Indy lost no fans in last week's loss to Tampa, should handle Houston.

EAGLES 23, JETS 13 - Hurts comes off a shocker but should get back on track v NYJ.

BENGALS 28, CHARGERS 24 - Herbert v Burrow - lessgo!

DOLPHINS 24, GIANTS 20 - Tua beginning to shine with plenty of help from Waddle.

WASHINGTON 21, VEGAS 20 - Like the Football Team to upset Vegas.

RAVENS 26, STEELERS 21 - The Steelers steam train almost off the rails.

RAMS 33, JAGUARS 13 - Rams need a get-right game... here come the Jags.

NINERS 24, SEAHAWKS 22 - Cannot possibly pick Seattle, even at home.

KANSAS CITY 33, BRONCOS 21 - KC back in some kinda groove, doubtful Denver can slow them up.

BILLS 24, PATRIOTS 21 - So much on the line, streaking Patriots just fall short at Orchard Park.

LAST WEEK: 5/14 THIS SEASON: 105/176

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