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Week Three NFL Picks

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Week 3 of the NFL is here. Let's pick 'em.

Panthers 27, Texans 14 - Anyone tuning in for this? I guess watching CMC amass 200 will be fun. Bills 28, Washington 20 - Allen was rusty in a 35-0 win, which can only be a good thing. Browns 24, Bears 17 - Fields get his look, but Chubb and O line will help Browns get to 2-1. Ravens 30, Lions 22 - Ravens defy the odds and doubters, will handle Lions here. Tennessee 28, Indy 21 - Colts are my worry watch of the early part. Especially with Henry now rolling. Chiefs 34, Chargers 32 - Love to see a Mahomes/Herbert shootout, but KC will bounce back. Patriots 23, Saints 21 - Which is the real Jameis - week 1 or week 2... or both? Giants 24, Falcons 23 - How can you pick this game? Seriously.. Steelers 26, Bengals 23 - Wanted to pick my Bengals but expect Big Ben - and Steeler D - to respond hard. Cardinals 31, Jaguars 20 - Kyler and co rolled early last season and look even better early on in 2021. Broncos 24, Jets 17 - Hopefully Z Wilson plays a good game after last week's horror show, but it will not matter. Raiders 27, Dolphins 17 - Tua is out, which ended woefully last week. Hot Raiders should win at home. Rams 30, Buccaneers 28 - An LA showdown will be unmissable... Stafford announces himself as a contender! Seahawks 27, Vikings 25 - 'Hawks dropped one at home to Tennessee but they'll handle a plucky Vikes. Packers 24, Niners 23 - I've been a Pack doubter but an upset here would have everyone relaxing. Cowboys 30, Eagles 24 - I like Philly's chances of upsetting, but doubt they can score enough.

LAST WEEK: 11/15 (did not pick TNF) THIS SEASON: 19/31

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