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Patrick Dangerfield

Josh Jenkins

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Danger’s footballing resume sits comfortably with the very best who have ever laced up a pair of boots. A Brownlow Medal, best & fairest awards at two clubs, EIGHT - yes, eight - All Australian selections… I’m sure you get the picture. And his career is not done.
Off-field, Pat’s been a massively influential figure as the President of the AFL Players Association. He’s been one of the more marketable players across the AFL since debuting back in 2008 for the Adelaide Crows. Being the good friend that he is, he departed South Australia, leaving JJ behind and embarking on a new career with his hometown Geelong Cats.

The 2020 All Australian captain is as entertaining off THE FIELD as he is on THE FIELD. And, on the mics of THE FIELD, Pat is sure to entertain in the same way. 

His thirst for sport reaches far and wide. It’s arguable whether fishing is an actual sport (just as it’s arguable as to whether he’s any good at it) but Danger invests all and any spare time in the NBA, NFL and has a real interest in the business side of American and Australian sports. He has a love for building teams, trades, free agency and contracts - especially American contracts where they’ve got lots of 000’s on the end and they can trade or cut you in a heartbeat.

On THE FIELD, Pat not only brings the footballing honours but he brings an ability to engage in any sport, to explain the behind the scenes of big deals, big games and just what it takes to become one of the very best in a chosen field.


Anglesea FC, Geelong Falcons, Adelaide Crows.
Pick 10, 2007 AFL National Draft
Debut: Round 20, 2008 v Essendon


8 x All Australian 
All Australian captain
4 x Club Best & Fairest
Leigh Matthews Trophy (AFLPA MVP)

JJ has always shown his outward passion for almost every sport played on planet earth. From Formula 1 to horse racing. From college football in the Deep South of America to Rugby League here in Oz. His passion for the U.S. sports is unmatched across the AFL - which is saying something when you consider almost all AFL footballers love them some U.S. sport.

Josh turned a semi-professional basketball career into a dozen seasons at the top level in the AFL. Beginning as a rookie at Essendon in 2011, JJ was traded to Adelaide after one season and racked up 147 games and 296 goals in eight season as a Crow. He ended his Adelaide FC career as the 4th all-time goal kicker - behind Taylor Walker, Tony Modra and Eddie Betts.

JJ has spent a couple of seasons reacquainted with Danger at the Cats and debuted as a Geelong FC player in 2020 against Essendon at The GABBA.

As a co-host of THE FIELD, JJ brings unlimited sporting knowledge and an opinion to boot.

He’s met Tom Brady, A.J. Green, Rob Gronkowski, Rajon Rondo, Kelly Slater, Andrew Bogut and many many more… safe to say the debate will rage and opinions flow when the boys get together on THE FIELD.


Lake Boga FC, Essendon Rookie List, Adelaide Crows
Pick 12, 2010 AFL Rookie Draft
Debut: Round 7, 2012 v Geelong


4th All-Time Adelaide FC Goal Kicking
2018 Club leading goal kicker
2016 All Australian nominee
2018 3rd place Malcolm Blight Medal

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